What/Who is a Technical Consultant?

A technical consultant is a work professional who is there to provide technical support to organizations and companies. They aren’t tech support that handles basic issues and troubleshooting. Rather, their utility comes from their strong subject-matter expertise. While they can assist in day to day troubleshooting and issues that may be frequently occurring, it is not their main role. Within large companies with a diverse array of products—it being common for large companies to have proprietary technologies and products, a technical consultant is well versed in the gamut of offerings a company has and can offer counsel on things related to those products. In many ways, it is a role deeply rooted in communications.

What Makes a Good Technical Consultant?

What makes a good technical consultant can be broken down into 2 aspects:

  1. They are well versed in the art of communication. As we alluded to earlier, a good technical consultant is someone who is able to quickly integrate with any team and understand what and how the work flows. Technical consultants are somewhat like project managers, while their goal is not to manage the teams they work with, it is definitely in their wheelhouse to be a part of disseminating information about progress and deadlines. Consider this, a technical consultant has a better grasp of what it takes to complete certain tasks related to their field of expertise. If they realize that currently, the team would realistically not be able to make the established deadline because there are unforeseen technical issues that are going to arise that they may not see which the technical consultant can. It is the consultant’s job to spot these roadblocks and communicate them effectively and offer counsel on how the team can recover from any blunders or save time.
  2. Stays On Top of Their Field. A good technical consultant stays on top of their field/area of expertise. The fact that there is a role simply dedicated to the knowledge and insight of a specific technical scope, means that such a field requires it. In other words, fields, where technical consultants preside, are often constantly changing and evolving. As such, a good technical consultant is not ever safe nor satisfied in their knowledge—they too must constantly be evolving their knowledge base so that they can bring the most value to the table. After all, if your primary role is to consult, the validity of your information is your skillset. Entire deadlines and product decisions are made based in part on what you say. It is a role that carries a lot of responsibility with it. Consider how complex and expensive the field of biotechnology is. If a company decides to make a huge change based on your consultation, that is a lot of money not only being spent to consult you but also the cost of following through on any counsel given.
  3. Knows How to Impart Knowledge. A technical consultant is also at times tasked with conducting employee training sessions or educating the team on a specific technology or method of work. Sometimes they may even conduct seminars for the entire company if there is a company-wide project going on that requires everyone to be on the same page.

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