The Danish government is beginning to move forward with a new plan that is on the cusp of innovation: the development of artificial islands along the coast of Denmark could provide 12,000 life science jobs for approximately 380 companies, most of whom work in the life science, biotech, and tech industries. The proposed location of the 9 artificial islands is along the coast of Copenhagen, the capital and most populous city of Denmark. The proposed plan has an estimated cost of $480 million and will provide 10.5 miles of land to the Copenhagen coast.

If approved by the Danish government, the project would take 18 years; construction of the islands is slated for 2022, with an estimated completion date of 2040. Additional plans are in the works for an artificial island that would be used to tackle Denmark’s housing issue; the island would provide housing for 35,000 people. Denmark is running out of space for businesses and housing and this would be an exciting and cutting-edge solution. These nine islands would be Europe’s answer to Silicon Valley.

Medicon Valley

Medicon Valley is situated in Zealand, which is the area around Copenhagen, and shares a neighboring area with Sweden. This area is home to over 350 biotech, medtech, and pharma companies and nine universities that employ nearly 7,000 life-sciences researchers and students. The production of these islands would strengthen and solidify the region’s reputation and provide numerous growth opportunities.

clinical work in a hospital setting

One of Denmark’s most productive sectors is the pharmaceutical industry, which is led by companies such as Novo Nordisk and Lundbeck. When measured on the value of a single employee, the pharmaceutical industry is roughly 2.6 times as large as the business community. The Government has an audacious plan for life sciences growth and plans to innovate access to qualified and skilled labor, improve the framework conditions for conducting clinical trials, boost the Danish Medicines Agency, and improve the framework for research and development activities.

New Biotech Jobs on the Horizon

The Skåne region in the southern part of Sweden and the island of Zealand constitute the area known as Medicon Valley. The Valley is known for its spirit of collaboration, innovation, and cutting-edge research that fosters 6,000 Ph.D. students annually. Almost 90% of all Scandinavian life sciences students graduate in this area and Medicon Valley is home to almost 7,000 qualified life-sciences researchers. The three largest cities in the area are Copenhagen, Lund, and Malmø, with University of Copenhagen being a major player in international rankings in regards to citations and publication volume.

There’s a lot of buzz going on in this area and the excitement and innovation is expected to grow in this science park. Known as a competitive and strong cluster of research and production, Denmark and Medicon Valley offers some of the most favorable conditions for conducting business in the life sciences industry in the world.

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