Developing a new product or working on a big project can be hectic. There are a lot of different moving parts and many separate teams that need to come together to form a whole result. Pharma Resource Group has successfully assembled several industry experts and highly experienced technical consultants to manage projects for our clients. Here are some of the qualities that we pride our talent pool in possessing:

Communication Skills

A project manager must wear many hats and must be versatile in a number of ways. Preceding those skills is having good communication—it’s a must. Any given project is going to have multiple people or “units” of the project that work independently on tasks they are assigned to complete by a deadline. Naturally, when there are enough of this, it’s necessary to have someone whose sole purpose is to stay on top of deadlines and make sure everyone is on the same page.

In comes the project manager. He or she is going to be the person who interacts with everyone else, so it is absolutely crucial that his person have good communicative ability as well as social tact. During tight schedules and difficult work, people can feel very stressed when there is much to be done and a deadline is looming. The project manager must effectively communicate the pace of the project to everyone and be able to adapt and be flexible in setting or altering project goals.


Empathy is a trait that can bring a whole team together. Nobody wants to feel misunderstood, and nobody wishes to feel unappreciated. The fact of the matter is, work sometimes lags. People get sick, are distracted, are feeling unwell. A good project manager can keep team spirits high and let the team know that they are going to be understanding about potential setbacks. This is actually good for productivity, as the biggest setbacks are often unexpected due to lack of communication due to fear of judgment or criticism. If employees feel that their circumstances are understood, they will be more open and direct about their progress in their tasks and this will give the project manager a clearer picture of how the entire process is moving along.


This one is perhaps the most underrated. Many organizations think it’s merely good enough that a project manager is prudent about deadlines and delegating tasks, as well as being organized. This isn’t the case, the best PM’s—while not fully competent in every discipline, are well versed in the major facets of what work is being done. They can understand the true nature and effort of the work required of their employees when they ask them to do things. Not only is this beneficial to the project manager—it makes planning reasonable deadlines easier, but it’s also a big relief for employees to know that their PM is unlikely to ask them to do impossible things at the last minute.

Pharmaceutical Consulting Services

Pharma Resource Group is a national leader in providing consulting and project-based solutions to our clients. Our talent pool consists of our very own team at PRG as well as industry veterans who have an average of over 25 years of industry experience. The diversity of our talent pool and the network is sure to be an asset to any company looking for consulting or talent capable of streamlining your processes. Don’t let our name fool you, we’re not exclusively tied to the pharmaceutical industry. Some other industries we’ve successfully served are academia, retail, consumer packaged goods, information technology, and supply chain retail! If you’re looking for a project-based solution that is tailored to your every need, contact us or give us a call at (647)-493-3102!