Success Through Innovation

Your possibilities just became endless.

We don’t just do the work. We do it better than anyone else.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs now have REAL options.

Managed by seasoned industry experts, PRG’s GMP and ISO-9001 certified Innovation, Product Development and Commercial Manufacturing Center is the venue for you to pursue your idea.

Unlike most CDMO’s, PRG encourages or seeks engagement with innovators and entre-preneurs with a vision and desire to develop and commercialize their ideas with a reliable using our flexible, cost-effective solutions that will enable them to progress to Go/No-Go decisions based on results, and NOT just budget considerations.

While most innovation labs and incubators provide a viable and practical environment for innovators and entrepreneurs to work on their projects and ideas, very few offer the services or resources required to advance a project or idea through all stages of development and successful commercialization. And PRG DOES!

Innovation and Applied Technologies.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing platforms are evolving quickly. Novel technology approaches for manufacturing provide tremendous opportunities for not only manufacturing efficiency, but more importantly better control of product quality, increased manufacturing agility and – extremely importantly – sustainable manufacturing solutions. Whether large multinational companies or small startups, our pharmaceutical and other life sciences partners are focused on bringing new therapeutic products to patients as quickly as possible and can often not afford to take the risk of engaging in breakthrough manufacturing technology innovation.

With over 15 years of recognized industry expertise in technical and project based consultancy in the life sciences industries, PRG is now expanding into applied innovation and manufacturing. Together with our academia and technology partners, we will take on new, breakthrough technology platforms into pilot and commercialization. Based on our own production efforts in support of critical medicines availability as well as our client projects, we will demonstrate innovative manufacturing platforms through commercial manufacturing.

Technology platforms include :

  • Continuous flow API manufacturing
  • Continuous technologies for finished dosage formulation
  • Cleaning technology support and innovation
  • Novel dosage form technologies

Our approach will be end-to-end connecting scale up and commercial manufacturing through flexible big data platforms and utilizing in line Process Analytical Technology where needed to deliver a well characterized design space, allowing for model based scale up and tech transfer and ultimately real time release.

Activities will be based out of PRG’s development and manufacturing center located in Royersford, Pennsylvania.